The Dos & Don’ts of Replacement Windows

dos and donts of replacement windows

Many homeowners think getting window replacements is as easy as ordering online. Search, click, done. However, to get the best value and the most benefits out of new windows, you must understand the dos and don’ts of replacement windows to ensure you get what you want and are not left wishing you had known more before you started.

This blog will look at some of the ins and outs of window replacements to ensure you can make an informed decision and get the most out of them.

DON’T Just Choose the Same Windows

While it may feel tempting to order the exact windows you had before, getting new ones is a chance to upgrade your home. We’re not saying to put modern windows into a traditional home, but new functions have emerged over the years, and you have many options to consider.

DO Explore your Style Options

New windows mean new opportunities. Check out the different window types available: picture windows, casement windows, or sliding windows. Or why not look at European-style tilt-and-turn windows or awning windows? Or maybe you want to make a statement and get a bay or bow window? There are many options to check out that can upgrade and improve your home. A professional window expert can advise you on all the pros and cons to make sure you can make an informed decision.

DON’T Underestimate Energy Ratings

Some homeowners think a window is a window, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. They see U-factors, R-factors or SHGC and feel it is too complicated to spend time trying to understand them. Often, this results in less efficient windows that will cost you more money through higher energy bills.

DO Choose Windows with Proper Energy Performance

Modern technologies have evolved tremendously, and it is worth understanding the energy labels. A low U-factor means less heat loss. A low SHGC means less heat gain. Triple-pane implies that you have an additional glass pane with more insulation in your window. Understanding and studying these labels will help you choose energy-efficient products, help insulate your home, and save you money every day.

DON’T Wait Too Long on Replacement Windows

Depending on how many windows you need to replace, it can become expensive, so often homeowners try to put it off until they don’t have a choice. This can lead to increased costs due to energy loss and damage from leaks or cracks, damaging your property and risking your safety and security.


DO Listen to Your Windows

Your windows can tell you a lot about their condition. It could be a cold draft in winter, additional moisture between the panes or on the wall, or you might notice that the window gets hard to open or close. Paying attention to these details can alert you to beginning issues you can quickly fix or attend to with a window replacement before it becomes a more costly renovation.

DON’T DIY Your Window Installation

Many homeowners think that they can install windows themselves to save money. But it is easy to underestimate what it takes to do the job well. You need the right tools, consider the time it takes to install them, and, not to be forgotten, you lose the product warranty. Given how important windows are for your home, one error could ruin your window or cause it to fail.

DO Hire Window Professionals You Can Trust

Hiring experienced window installation professionals is the best way to ensure the job is done right. They have the necessary training and tools for a smooth installation. Coupled with the experience of doing it every day, they are prepared for many problems they might encounter. Additionally, they offer a warranty on their installation services as well, giving you peace of mind.

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