Double Hung vs Casement: Everything You Need to Know

Windows are an integral part of home décor and the right windows can liven up your home in no time. There are a variety of window designs in the market but the two most common ones are casement windows and double hung windows. Both windows have a different effect on costs, opening mechanisms, durability, use case and energy savings.

Read on to know all about casement vs double hung windows to be able to make the right choice for your home.

What are Casement and Double Hung Windows?

Casement windows can easily open to a 90-degree angle and provide a great view. Vinyl casement windows open like a door as they are hinged on one side. They provide great airflow and ventilation when opened. The best part is that they can also be shut tightly and seal the airflow. Casement windows are the right choice for a thermal efficient room.  Vinyl casement windows provide a solid seal and ensure thermal sealing. Eco Choice windows have some of the best collection of casement windows available with customized fitting, insulation and prevention against water infiltration.

Double-hung windows are easy to operate as they come with a spring-loaded balanced system that helps lift the windows effortlessly. They slide up and down and come with an upper and lower sash (windowpane unit made of glass). When it comes to double hung windows, the upper sash is movable too making them more functional. They are one of the easiest windows to clean inside and out making them a popular choice in the market. They make a perfect fit for rooms like bedrooms, patios and verandas. The double hung windows installed by us operate on an integrated brick-mould mechanism to ensure the windows fit perfectly. This locking and opening system also helps prevent corrosion.

Casement vs Double Hung Windows: What’s the right choice for you?

When it comes to choosing the right window, you must consider the following factors:


Casement windows cost more than double hung windows due to their operating mechanism. Double hung windows are more in demand and high competition in the market ensures there is a check on the price.


Casement windows work well with contemporary and modern homes. They are simple and aesthetic with their geometrical symmetry. Double hung windows impart a more classic and traditional style. As they open vertically, they are perfect for rooms that face walkways, patios and porches.


Double hung windows can allow both the top and bottom sash to be opened if you want to improve the ventilation in your room. Casement windows, however, can be cranked open and the surface area acts like a sail catching the wind and redirecting it into the house. Casement windows impart better ventilation but double hung windows impart better control. Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose what works better for your home. 

Energy Savings

Casement windows make for great insulation inside a home as they can shut tightly. The window frame shuts and seals itself on all four sides like an exterior door. Latching the window can provide further insulation and sealing airflow. Double hung windows may cause an issue with airflow along the top of the seal is not of good quality. The lower sash closes snugly keeping air ventilation out.

Ease of Use

Casement windows are easier to use with their lever mechanism than it is to push a sash up and down in the case of double hung windows. Casement windows can easily be used by disabled persons or anyone who faces limited mobility.

Based on these factors, you can make the right choice for your home. To know more about the different styles of windows and figure out your tailored requirement, contact us at 1 (855) 273-3261. Get in touch with a professional window expert to know all about upgrading your home and window designs. Get a free quote from us at Eco Choice Windows & Doors Replacement today!