3 Great Ideas for your Garden Doors

garden door

Gardens and patios are the smartest ways to open up your home to the outdoors without compromising on privacy and luxury. A garden door can make or break your patio design, not least because it needs to tie in with both interior and exterior design facets like colors and finishes.

Any outdoor space is brimming with potential– think meditative spaces, barbeque area, or poolside benches. Whether it’s entertaining or stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the city, your best bet is to have a well-kept garden. Equally, striking garden doors will open up into the space but look just as inconspicuous inside– or eye-catching, depending on how you want to play it!

Garden Door Idea #1: Two-Panel Garden Door

A creative way to make a grand entry into a courtyard or garden while also making the most of available space, garden doors often feature two door panels. In the ideal setup, one panel is customized for people to walk through while the other panel is for ventilation. However, you can also opt for a double swing frame. Garden doors are hinged and swing open, either inwards or outwards. Due to this, they’re better suited for wider spaces or grander landscapes.

The look of garden doors can be customized based on your personal preferences. For rustic charm, you could opt for doors with colonial-style internal grills to break the monotony of the glass windowpane. Add opulent picture windows to really open up the space.

Garden Door Idea #2: French Door

One of the most popular options, traditional French doors provide a freeing, unobstructed view of the outdoors through untinted glass. It’s a clever way to seamlessly connect the outdoors and the indoors as well as provide a glimpse of the outside environment from the comfort of interior living spaces.

French doors allow natural light to flood the home– ideal for spaces that don’t receive much sunlight. Additionally, you could open up French doors when hosting guests for additional seating, moving, and dancing space.

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Garden Door Idea #3: Sliding Patio Doors

Also known as sliding glass doors, these garden doors are and do what they say on the tin. They’re designed to slide horizontally, one moving panel over a stationary one. Sliding patio doors are ideal for compact homes without much floor space to spare, as they slide along a pre-fixed path unlike swing doors, which open inwards or outwards and take control of that amount of space. This also takes away from the visual clutter any hinged door would add.

With sliding doors, you can choose from finishes running from plastic and PVC to ply and natural wood. The choice of colours, stains, or tones are also in your hands!

Burlington Doors

Sure, garden doors may not be too high on your priority list, but when it comes to actually designing them or getting them sourced, you’re probably going to be scratching your head over the material and look.

To stay well within your budget but tick all the right boxes when it comes to style and functionality, pick the right Burlington doors vendor or designer who clearly understands your vision.

There’s every reason to pick a style, finish, and colour that emulates your general design scheme and keeps your home sufficiently protected from the elements!