Energy Efficient Exterior Doors For Your New House

In a country where Winter seems to last forever, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the largest percentage of energy usage in a typical Canadian home comes from the cost of heating (around 60% according to Statistics Canada). In order to decrease your heating costs, you have many available options. Some are more in your control than others. For starters, you can change the type of fuel you use to heat your home, change your windows to be more energy efficient, or simply lower your usage of heating in your home. With all that said, one of the best and convenient ways for you to reduce your heating bill is to replace the key heat loss points in your home such as your exterior doors, with new energy efficient exterior doors.

Energy efficient exterior doors can amount to large savings over their lifespan. The one caveat to purchasing most energy efficient technologies like energy efficient exterior doors is that they require a higher initial investment, but the savings can pay for the difference after a certain point, and then continue to save you money in the future. This means that energy efficient exterior doors are a long-term strategy for homeowners. Even if you’re looking for a quick sale or have purchased a home to flip for a profit, energy efficient exterior doors are a fantastic selling point, because your buyers will reap the benefits of the savings; this translates to a higher sale price.

If you’re thinking of new energy efficient exterior doors for your home, vinyl is the best material available on market. Compared to the other two primary door materials available, wood and metal, vinyl offers the lowest maintenance and strength of steel combined with the insulating properties and noise reduction of wood. Vinyl can also be manufactured to appear like just about any material, so if you’re really craving new energy efficient exterior doors with that warm wooden finish, a trusted new energy efficient exterior doors installer like Eco Choice Windows and Doors can find a solution to your needs and provide great value for your investment.

Another reason to install new energy efficient exterior doors is because your current doors may be losing heat due to a poor installation. Older doors aren’t designed the same way as a new set of new energy efficient exterior doors; there may be leaks in the frame that’s letting cold air in. Or, your installer could have made a mistake and failed to ensure there are no spaces for heat to be lost.

A proper installation of new energy efficient exterior doors by Eco Choice Windows & Doors will ensure that your new energy efficient exterior doors are tightly sealed at each opening to prevent cold air leaking into your home, which drives up your heating bills. They offer a wide selection of energy efficient exterior doors in a variety of styles and materials. New energy efficient exterior doors are a great investment that helps cut your costs and reduce your impact on the environment. Contact Eco Choice for a free quote today.