Why You Should Install Energy Efficient Windows

Converting your home to be more energy efficient is all the rage these days. As our knowledge of the planet has increased, so has our concern for our impact on it. New technologies and improvements on old ones have allowed homeowners to make environmentally conscious and responsible decisions with the features of their home. Energy efficient windows are a great start towards building a more environmentally friendly home. This article will detail the major reasons why you should consider the updating your current windows, or include them in your new home if you’re actively seeking to buy a home.

Reduce your heating bill

The most obvious benefit of energy efficient windows is that they drastically cut your heating bill. With home heating responsible for about 60% of the total energy bill of a typical Canadian house, lowering the cost of heating is a top priority for many Canadian homeowners. What makes a window energy efficient? The material of the frame and the composition of the glass are two large components. The most energy efficient windows are housed in vinyl frames, which provide and strength while also retaining heat. Wood is the next best choice for heat retention, but the lower strength, proneness to damage and continued maintenance makes them a poor investment in the long run. Metal window frames don’t retain heat very well, but they’re prized for their incredible strength.

No major renovations required

The benefits of home fittings like energy efficient windows go beyond a lower monthly energy bill. Another great thing about energy efficient windows is that they don’t require a major renovation to install – the process is easier and cheaper than installing a new heating system or new flooring. Energy efficient windows can be installed in as little as one business day without a big hassle or a large mess to clean up.

Lower your carbon footprint

By replacing features of your home with items that are energy efficient, you’re also lowering your carbon footprint. Heating in most homes in Ontario comes from non-renewable resources like natural gas, oil, or wood. By lowering your demand for heating, you’re indirectly lowering your impact on the planet by using less of these limited resources.

Increase the value of your home

Thanks to the popularity and financial benefits provided by energy efficient windows, they’re not only a great investment in terms of your heating bill, but they’ll also provide a higher selling price for your house down the road. Interested buyers will be asking questions about the features of the home that will save them headaches down the road, and if your home has energy efficient windows, the buyer will recognize the long-term value of a lower heating bill and may be inclined to pay more for the home.

Energy efficient windows come in a variety of styles that can suit just about any style of home. The great news about vinyl is that it can be manufactured in many styles that will complement just about any home decor. Make sure you choose your energy efficient windows from a trusted installer like Eco Choice Windows. Contact Eco Choice Windows & Doors today if you want to save money in the long run or are looking to sell your home in the near future. Take advantage of the benefits of energy efficient windows today.