Why Energy Efficiency Matters


With global warming being one of the biggest threats the planet faces, we have the power to take steps to reduce our overall footprint by employing energy efficiency techniques. By starting where we spend the most time – our home – we can begin to reduce the amount of energy we use by making structural improvements and investing in technologies that prioritize high efficiency. In this blog post, we will look at why energy efficiency matters as well as some small steps you can take to greatly improve your energy costs and impact.


The Environment

Space heating is responsible for almost half of the energy use in our homes, while air conditioning requires about 6% of residential energy usage. We know turning on the heat or cranking up the A/C takes energy, but we don’t pay attention to the source. Whether your HVAC system runs on natural gas, oil, or electricity, somewhere down the line that is resulting in the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.


The more energy we consume through our dependency on these sources, the more pollution we create. Our environment relies on a balance of temperature and ecosystems, both which we are greatly affecting with our excessive energy consumption. We can however, work to combat these issues by attempting to reduce our energy usage. Switching to energy-efficient appliances and materials can help to reduce your overall carbon footprint and energy consumption.


With inefficiency, drafty windows, your home’s HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This requires more energy, which increases your carbon footprint. High-efficiency windows have better insulating properties, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep things cozy. Hence, less energy usage and less impact on the environment.


Improving Energy Costs

Probably the most attractive reason to improve your home’s energy efficiency is the potential for dollar savings at the household level. Another great way to improve energy costs is by installing solar panels. While the upfront costs may deter some, the foreseeable cost savings of up to 40% on your monthly household energy bill, can be well worth the upgrade in the long term.


If you are looking for a more immediate solution, you can easily insulate the windows and doors in your home. Insulating your house ensures less energy is spent on heating and cooling the building by eliminating the energy loss from your home. You will in turn be provided with a welcoming decrease in your energy bills.


Improve Home Value

Did you know that new windows return at least 70% on investment? There are few home improvement projects that pay for themselves quite as well. Whether you plan to sell in the near future or simply wish to reappraise the value of your home, high-efficiency replacement windows are well worth the investment.


Energy Star® Certification

How can you identify the highest efficiency products when shopping for new windows? How can you guarantee that a company advertising high-efficiency windows actually has a product that will meet that claim? Look for the Energy Star.


Energy Star is a program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States and by the federal government’s Department of Natural Resources here in Canada. Energy Star certified products are rigorously tested and proven to meet strict technical specification for energy performance. These products range from new windows and household appliances to HVAC equipment, light bulbs, and computers. Energy efficiency reduces your impact on the environment and saves you money.


Why buy Energy Star-certified products? They use less energy, which means lower utility bills. Less energy also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which are scientifically proven to contribute to global warming. Energy Star certification is also a stamp of approval that you are buying a quality product that has been rigorously tested and certified by a government-approved agency.


Energy Star Certified Windows & Doors

Eco Choice Windows & Doors is an Energy Star® Canada Certified Partner. We supply replacement windows and doors that meet or exceed the highest standards of energy efficiency. In independent laboratory tests, our products are proven to be in the top range of its class for energy performance. With innovative features like our proprietary ecoGAIN glass system and best-in-class foam Super Spacer®, our high-performance windows reduce demand on your home’s heating and cooling system. With energy savings of up to 30%, those are savings your wallet – and the planet – can appreciate.


When it comes to energy efficiency, it’s not difficult to see why it’s important for the environment and for lowering your monthly expenses. Installing energy-efficient windows is a great way to start.


Eco Choice Windows & Doors is the first choice for energy-efficient windows and doors in Vaughan and the GTA. Get a FREE quote today!