Top 5 reasons you want bay windows installed in your home

The bay window has stood the test of time: it is a timeless classic that homeowners around Canada use to add style and utility to their homes. They have continued to be used new home construction as also as replacement windows. Bay windows increase interior space and to get the most natural light into the home. In this article we are looking at some benefits of bay windows and the different types that are available.

5 reasons to get bay windows

Natural light – Bay windows allow a lot of light to enter the house. Windows are placed at different angles giving a great panoramic view outside. It also means you will receive a lot of natural light through the day, great if you are looking for replacement windows in North York that offer plenty of natural illumination.

Excellent airflow – With so many openings you can get a lot of fresh air into the house. Because two or more window panes can be opened, they create a great channel for cross-ventilation. Enjoy a fresh breeze all summer long.

Great design – Whether your window installation in North York is for new construction for a renovation, bay windows will fit right it. The style is very versatile and works well with different types of house designs and colors.

Raise house value – When it comes to sell your house, bay windows can help raise the value of the house. They a great looking, affordable feature that makes any house look more modern. Bay windows also add additional living space. Homeowners appreciate the excellent return on investment they get from their windows.

Customizable – There are a number of different types and configurations of bay windows. Homeowners can design windows that best suit their existing North York windows and doors. Size, configuration, decoration and trim are some things you can customize to your taste. Of course, we offer Low-E glass for energy efficient windows too.

How homeowners create special spaces with bay windows

Bay windows can add charm to any room in addition to a great view. Many people make the bay window a cozy nook where they can read and work. It’s a great place to sit with a hot chocolate and cozy up with a book. The seating area under the window can also be used as storage space.

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