A Homeowner’s Guide to the Best Window Replacements in Oakville

guide to windows replacement

If you look at your windows, do they look old and tired? Do you feel uncomfortable with cold drafts making you shiver? Is there water inside the window or the wall when it rains? Then, consider looking for the best window replacements.

But it’s not as easy as it may seem at first glance because there are many different types of windows, and a new window doesn’t replace the whole window the builder had initially put into your house.

So, to dispel some myths and give you some guidance regarding how to spot that you need replacement windows, which window types there are and tips on how to choose replacement windows and a professional company to take care of the installation, we’ve compiled a homeowner’s guide to the best window replacements in Oakville.

Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Sometimes, your windows will tell you unambiguously that they are done and need to be replaced, like a broken window pane or frame or water coming in every time a raindrop comes near the window. But at other times, it’s subtler, making it critical to know what to look for when you inspect your windows to catch problems before they escalate and become far more expensive and extensive renovations than initially anticipated.

Some problems are merely aesthetic, but some are signs of potentially more significant problems that, if left unattended, could develop into more severe issues that could lead to broader spread damage.

Here are some of the most common signs that your windows need replacement:

  1. Drafts and air leaks. Especially during winter, you can feel cold air leaking into the house, causing chilly drafts through gaps or cracks.
  2. Condensation and fogging. Condensation on your window or fog between the panes is a clear sign of a crack or gap allowing moisture to enter your window.
  3. Difficulty in opening or closing. If you have trouble opening or closing your window, it could be a sign of a warped or cracked frame or an issue with the opening system.
  4. Damaged frames and sashes. Your home settling or physical damage can lead to cracked frames and sashes that can destabilize your window and allow air, moisture or pests to enter your home.
  5. Cracked or broken glass. Unfortunately, the glass of your windows is prone to cracking or breaking due to hard impacts.
  6. Increased outside noise. If the insulation in your window is aging or there are cracks or gaps, you may hear more outside noise.

Common Types of Windows

If you’re new to the window market, you might feel overwhelmed with the sheer variety on offer. We’ve put together a handy guide for the most common types of windows with their features and advantages:

Casement Windows


If you’re looking for optimal ventilation, then casement windows are your best choice. They are one of the most popular window styles on the market, with a hinge on one side and a crank that opens outwards. The clear and unobstructed view casements provide is one of the reasons for their growing popularity.


  • High energy efficiency
  • Great airflow and ventilation
  • Clear and unobstructed view
  • Increased security; it is a perfect option for an egress window
  • Easy to open and close

casement windows

Awning Windows


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards along the bottom. These are generally placed over vertical windows to provide added sunlight and ventilation. They are also an excellent option if you have a wide window opening.


  • Good ventilation, their design allows you to keep them open even in the case of light rain
  • Easy to open and close
  • Good for safety and privacy (such as bathrooms on a lower floor)

awning windows

Bay Windows


Bay windows expand your living space and are composed of three-section windows that protrude from your home. They typically are made of one large fixed vinyl window in the center with operating windows on both ends. These windows can be a variety of window styles, such as awning or casement windows. The windows are joined together to form one large viewing area. 


  • Allows for more natural light to come in
  • Adds space in your home, like for a window seat or additional storage
  • Increased curb appeal

bay windows

Bow Windows


Similar to bay windows, bow windows can increase the living space in your home up to an extra 3 feet! Unlike the bay, a bow window is usually less angular (more curved) in appearance. It comprises 4 or 5 windows mulled together, allowing you to use it for a window seat.


  • Adds an attractive style element
  • Increases indoor space, like a window seat, breakfast nook, etc.
  • Improves curb appeal

bow windows

Single-Hung & Double-Hung Windows


As one of the most common window styles, double-hung windows have two horizontal sashes, both of which open independently or simultaneously. This provides plenty of ventilation and is easier to clean. Single-hung windows are the same, with just a single movable lower sash.


  • Good ventilation
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Double-hung windows also increase safety for pets and small children by allowing only opening the top half of the window

double hung windows

Double Slider Windows


Sliding windows move sideways with a stationary center window, typically consisting of two or three sashes. They are convenient because they don’t open inside or outside and can automatically lock when closed.


  • Great ventilation
  • Wider opening for a great unobstructed view or egress
  • Easy one-hand use
  • Low maintenance and easy-to-clean

double slider windows


Tips on How to Choose Replacement Windows

If you require replacement windows, there are several things to consider when choosing the right windows. With an overwhelming number of companies offering replacement windows in Oakville and the many types and styles, it’s critical to research before committing.

Determine Your Needs

Before you start shopping around, determine how many and which windows you need to be replaced. Although modern, energy-efficient windows will start repaying themselves when installed, the initial investment can get expensive quickly.

Choose the Window Material

You should also decide which window material you want to go with to determine your needs. With several options out there, weigh the pros and cons of each of them. For example, aluminum windows are durable but have worse energy ratings than wood or vinyl. Wood has natural insulating qualities but is prone to warping and rotting if not maintained well. Vinyl is durable, has an excellent energy rating and requires little maintenance.

Set a Budget

This is a bit of a double-edged sword because, especially if you’ve never had to buy or replace windows, you may not know the pricing. If you know roughly how much money you have to calculate, set a budget and be prepared to stick with it. Trying to get as many windows replaced as possible can be tempting, but you mustn’t overextend yourself financially.

If you are unfamiliar with window replacement costs, get some estimates to get a feel for the price and use this information to set your budget.

Get Several Estimates

Trying to get estimates can be a hassle, and nobody likes a hassle, right? But this is one of the most critical parts of the process. We recommend you get at least three estimates. Why? You’ll be able to see how prices compare, and it’ll help you make an informed decision. That being said, if one of the estimates comes in considerably lower than the others, it might be a red flag that the company may be willing to cut corners to undercut competition.

Ask for a detailed quote outlining the cost for the product(s), installation services and any other cost factors instead of a lump sum to make it easier to compare. You must understand the quote costs. A detailed quote will give you a full breakdown of each portion to help you understand how the total price has been compiled. If there are any factors or fees you need clarification on, ask and confirm what they are for so you don’t end up with a costly surprise. A reputable company will be very responsive to these requests because you must make an informed decision.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Modern windows utilize modern technologies to increase their energy efficiency, but several layers exist. While, for example, vinyl frames have plenty of insulation due to their chambered structure, you can also consider low-emissivity (Low-E) coating on the panes, which allows light in but blocks much of the heat and UV rays entering your home (and on cold days keep the heat inside). Another choice is between double- and triple-pane windows for additional insulation and the introduction of argon gas between the panes to reduce heat transfer further.

Watch for the Energy Star certification that indicates energy-efficient windows.

energy star certification

Finding a Window Company

When trying to find the best window replacement company in Oakville, there are a few helpful things to watch out for.

Search Online for Companies in Oakville

The most convenient way to search for a window replacement company in Oakville is online. Go to Google or any other search engine of your choice and type in “best window replacement company in Oakville” or “window replacement Oakville.” You will get a long list of companies servicing the area, which you can use as a starting point.

Check the Company’s Website and Online Reviews

The next step is to check the company’s website. It should have plenty of information on the products and services to get a good overview of what they offer and if they have the products you are looking for. Most companies also have galleries of previous projects to allow you to see the quality of their handiwork and what their products look like after an installation.

Also, check online reviews from customers on pages like Google, Trustpilot or Yelp to get firsthand information on their experience with the company. They are a great way to gauge the reputation and quality of a company.

Don’t be shy and ask companies about previous comparable projects, and check out testimonials. A reputable company will have no problems sharing information about previous installations, and it is essential to know that clients have been satisfied with the service of the installers. 

Look for any Awards or Certifications

Another vital thing to look out for is certifications. This means that they have been manufacturer-trained on the installation of the respective brands, ensuring the installation’s quality. Also, check to see if the company has won any awards, as these can indicate the quality of products and services.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

An excellent resource to use when looking for a window replacement company in Oakville is friends and family. Ask if any of them have had any window replacements done in the recent past and ask them if they have been satisfied with the products and services. Word of mouth will get you some of the best recommendations.

Check for Licensing and Insurance

Make sure that the company is fully licensed. After all, you want to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company. Also, check if the company carries insurance and coverage for workers coming to your property to do the job. This is more important than you think, as you could be responsible for accidents or injuries if their employer does not have insurance.

Inquire About Warranties and Guarantees

Don’t hesitate to inquire about warranties and guarantees for products and services. Reputable companies will have comprehensive warranties for both to ensure that you will be covered should any issues arise after the installation. If a company is sketchy about the warranty of the products or their installation services, it is a big red flag as it is a clear indicator that they are not confident in their service.

Evaluate the Company’s Responsiveness to Inquiries

An essential factor that should not be underestimated is how responsive the company is to an inquiry. If you send a request for information and the company takes forever to get back to you, it could be a sign that their communication could improve. Not only would it take you longer to get your cost estimate, but it could also be a warning sign that once you award them with the job, they might be challenging to reach in case of an issue.

Pay Attention to the Company’s Communication Style

And it is not just a timely response that is important, but also how the company communicates with you. A reputable company will be attentive to your questions and answer each of them with the necessary diligence and thoroughness. Watch out for clear communication that will allow you to evaluate their services and costs properly.

Check for Any After-Sales Support

Inquire about which, if any, after-sales support the company provides. It could be a visit by a representative after the installation is completed, additional maintenance information or documentation, automated support resources or asking for a testimonial or review.

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