Get your doors and windows ready for winter

Canada is falling into the throes of winter sooner this year. Down jackets dusted off sooner than expected and furnaces coming on earlier than ever. It all points to a long winter. Have you just moved into a new house? Are your doors and windows ready to fall off? Don’t delay, there is to time better than now to replace your ineffective fittings.


Actually, this is a great time to replace your windows and doors for winter too:

– Leaks and drafts will become apparent and you’ll know which to replace

– You are much more likely land a good discount (like the one we have running)

– Most companies have the bandwidth to accommodate installation when you want it

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Now that you are ready to consider replacing your old doors and windows, you need to know which to replace. What should you look for?


– Old, missing or hardened caulking – It’s a sign that snow, rain and the cold are invited into your home. Think of caulking as the sealant that secures your frame and your woodwork. With insufficient caulking, you risk corrosion for the entire structure.


– Weather stripping looking worn – Weather stripping is essential in several types of windows, such as sliders and hung windows. Essentially, it’s what keeps the window sealed and watertight. The ordinary opening and closing motion will wear out weather stripping.


– Broken or chipped edges – If your doors or windows have deformations at the edges it means they will not seal properly. It doesn’t take a leap of imagination to understand how much heat your house is going to lose from even a single opening in window insulation.

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Here’s what you should do to make your house winter-ready.


– Refresh caulking – Choose a high quality caulk. For the best window seal, silicone is the best option as it resists shrinking and cracking as the weather turns frigid. Don’t forget, any gaps in sealing will allow water to percolate into the opening and cause corrosion.


– Sealing gaps – If your windows and doors are leaving gaps, it is a disaster for your home. The smallest amount of cold seeping into the house will dramatically lessen its thermal efficiency. It is best to replace ill-fitting doors and windows, though remedial measures such as extensions and additional sealing can suffice in the short term.


– Double- and triple- glazed windows – Make sure your windows are replaced by thermally efficient configurations. Double- and triple-glazed windows are far more efficient than alternatives.


– Insulated doors – Not many people realize it but the core inside exterior doors does not have to be made of wood. It can incorporate much more thermally efficient materials. The cost of ENERGY STAR rated doors can be offset by rebates from your energy supplier too, so make sure to speak to our team.


How do properly fitted and maintained doors and windows help you reduce your electricity bill?


– If you have a basement, high quality windows are a must. Snow will pile up against these windows and the chance of water seepage and extreme cold can make the space unliveable. Basements can really suck up your heat – silently.


– If your window treatments such as blinds and drapes are no longer operational, you are losing out on a layer of thermal protection. The cushion of air between the window and blinds is an extremely effective insulator.


– Triple-glazed windows are extremely effective and fighting off the cold. Virtually all our customers report that they notice the furnace come on less often with triple glazed windows.


– Caulking, weather stripping and more ensure that your windows and doors don’t let in cold from the surrounds. If there is any damage or lack in this, you’ll find your hydro bills staying higher than normal.


Make sure you window insulation is pristine and you are reducing your electricity bill. At Ecochoice, our team works fast and without compromising on quality. We’ll make sure your house is ready for the winter in no time at all.