Best windows for summer (and why they are great for winter too!)

For summertime homeowners look for windows that don’t let in a lot of heat, don’t cut down natural light but do let in a lot of fresh air. These are tough expectations to fulfill but the right windows can do it. The best thing is that there isn’t a compromise: the best house windows in the summer are also great during winter. Keep reading to learn about energy-efficient windows that offer just as exceptional performance during the summer as they do in the winter.

What windows are best for summer?

Best windows for summer (and why they are great for winter too eco choice 2

What type of window is best for summer depends on your needs. Some people prefer excellent natural airflow, others want an unimpeded view out. We have compiled a few window styles that maximize ventilation and natural light.

Awning windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing upwards. They are a stylish choice and offer balanced airflow and light. Another advantage with awnings is that they can be kept open even when it’s raining without the fear of water coming inside. Choose a manual window or a crank handle to operate it.

Double hung windows and double slider windows

Best windows for summer (and why they are great for winter too eco choice 3

We are clubbing both these slider-type windows because they offer very similar advantages. An enormous window opening means they are excellent for high airflow. Our double-hung windows and double slider windows swivel too, which makes the window aperture even larger.

Casement windows

Best windows for summer (and why they are great for winter too eco choice 4

The humble casement window is one of the best for summertime, but beware of the crank handle! Those with hand cranks generally have limited opening aperture. Make sure yours has a detachable crank that will let the window swing open wider.

Features to look for

Low-E glass

Low Emissivity coating helps you make the most of sunlight. They allow natural light to pass through but stop infrared and ultraviolet rays that carry heat. Low-E coating, or Low-E glass as it is also commonly known, is essential for maintaining temperature and reducing cooling costs.

Double and triple pane glass

Double and triple pane windows are significantly better at preserving temperature inside the house than single pane windows. These windows sandwich an insulating gas between the panes of glass, which acts as a barrier against the heat outside. Energy efficient windows keep homes cooler during summer and warmer during winter, reducing energy bills significantly.

What is the most efficient type of window?

Triple pane windows with a high Low-E coating are the most efficient windows that you can get for your home. These are ideal for summer and winter. The window frame material makes a big difference too. Vinyl and fiberglass frames are some of the most insulating, with insulation-filled cavities.

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