Choosing the right front door

Imagine walking up to your front door day after day regretting your purchase. Choosing the right front door is absolutely essential! Leave aside its efficiency, and its durability – you have to live with it every single day and it needs to feel right.


The color, material, finish, which side the door handle is on and how smoothly it swings open all make a difference to your satisfaction with a new door.


Choose a reputable installer for attention to detail: like smooth hinges, quality fixtures, clean lines and flush fittings

What to look for in replacement entry doors

At Eco Choice Windows and Doors, having worked on thousands of new and replacement door projects the one thing we know is no two homeowners are alike! That said, virtually everyone looks at three factors when choosing their exterior doors:


  • Safety and Security
  • Energy efficiency and draft performance
  • Style and aesthetic appeal


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Available Pro on front doors and patio doors


Longer door warranties and extensive coverage suggest a quality product and give you peace of mind.


In this article, we are looking at a whole host of things you should consider before finalizing your front door and other entry doors.


Swing and configuration – Do you want the door to open to the right or the left? If you are getting double doors, is the space wide enough? Will the door obstruct/be obstructed by anything?


Door material – The most common materials for exterior doors are wood, fiberglass and steel. Each has a different look, longevity and thermal efficiency. Wooden front doors are generally unsuited for cold climates.


Energy efficiency – If you are buying an energy-efficient door, opt for one that has an ENERGY STAR label. These doors will also have a thermal performance sticker to outline its performance.


Door locks and handle – Make sure the mechanism is smooth and operates without interference. Choose a door lock that offers a custom key, preferably one that cannot be copied easily.


Warranty – Check how long the warranty is on the door. It should make sure the door performs as it’s supposed to for at least a few years. It should provide coverage for manufacturing defects and how repairs are to be carried out.


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More tips before buying new exterior doors

Other than the type of door, make sure you understand the different types of door installation.


Measurement – Professional door installers can complete installation in one day. However, they have to make sure they measure the doorway thoroughly. Mistakes in measurements can make door installation a lot longer.


Pre-hung or slab – Pre-hub are pre-prepared and installing the frame and door is easier. A slab door will require painting, finishing and door knobs and even hinges. A good group of installers takes care to ensure a slab door seals snugly.


Installation – Very rarely is a house completely square. Installers will have to use shims to make the door fit snugly. Don’t freak out about gaps and odd edges just yet – that is all hidden under the door trim.


What is the best way to get the entry doors you want?

Speak to an award-winning window and door company in Toronto and the GTA. Our motto is simple: the project isn’t complete till you are satisfied. Schedule an at-home consultation to design the kind of door you want with a representative.