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March 21st, 2020 by Eco Choice

Questions you need to ask your window company

Confused between windows and doors installation companies? We get it, for homeowners and property managers trying to tell two companies apart can seem daunting. After all, everyone claims to offer great quality products and satisfaction with the finished project.

Most windows and doors installers have good intentions – but not all have the experience and setup to back them up. A ‘best window replacement installer’ may be a team of installers with little hands-on experience of working on houses; others sub-contract so much of their work that they simply cannot maintain oversight over quality.


So what should you look for in your window installer?

Experience really matters! There’s no rule about minimum experience but more is better – in terms of years in the trade and the number of projects worked on. That’s something that can be backed up by testimonials and customer reviews too.

Another sign of a good installer is if they have been recognized in trades magazines or industry awards. ‘Best of HomeStars’ is a well-known and trusted hallmark; as are Houzz and Top Choice. These back up claims of being the ‘best installer’ of replacement windows and doors.

But the best way to make sure your window and door installer is right for you is by asking the right questions. See that booking form and phone number? Call a representative over for a free inspection of your property. It’ll give you an idea what the people are like and if you want to work with them.


“Can you show me what the windows will look like?”

Deciding what kind of windows you like is very difficult without actually seeing what the new windows will look like. In fact, if you are changing the configuration (from hung to slider, for instance), it is easier to visualize how they will function in your space once you see them open and close. A good installer representative will have prepared for this. iPad apps, laptops, and scale models are ways in which an installer can help you decide what kind of windows work best for you.


“What kind of finishes do you have?”

Whatever type of house windows you decide, you have to make sure they are available in the material and finish you want. Window and door inventory and the ability to provide custom windows varies greatly between installers. Most claim that they have a ‘wide selection’, but speak to enough companies and you’ll find only a few can deliver on the promise of choice. If an installer rep tries to sell you only a particular kind of finish, it’s a sign that the company doesn’t have any other options.


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“Who will install the windows?”

Most homeowners expect that the installers working on their home will be from the same company that has taken the contract. No! Too many installation companies outsource a lot of their work to third-parties. That’s standard practice, especially for specialized work, but if too many sub-contractors are involved it can mean you are left chasing responsibility. It can also mean installers with little experience working on your house. That’s why at Eco Choice Windows & Doors we are the ones who do the work for you and if a third party is involved the buck still stops with us.


“How long is the warranty on the windows?”

Warranty is a sign of quality. House windows with long warranties means the manufacturer/builder is confident the windows will perform reliably for at least that period of time. For the windows we install, if the warranty is 10 years, it is usual to see reliable operation for twice that long! In fact, one of the most common reasons for window replacement are not ageing windows, but people looking to upgrade to energy efficient models or those wanting to change the look of their house.



At Eco Choice we welcome customers’ questions. Make sure you understand the scope of the project, what team will be working on it and what you will be getting. It helps us understand your priorities too. That’s how we make every project great. Call us and schedule an at-home visit. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we help homeowners get new windows while meeting government regulations for essential businesses and social distancing.

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