6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows in Spring

6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows in Spring

If you’re not facing an emergency where you must replace one or more windows immediately, one of the big questions usually is: When should I replace my windows? Whether you’re worried about temperature, weather, timing, holidays or other factors, every season has pros and cons. Today, we’ll look at six reasons why you should replace your windows in spring.

Temperature Control

Your windows play a significant role in your home’s temperature control, whether they keep warm air out and cool air in during summer or the other way around in winter. Window replacement during spring can help you install the latest energy-saving technology before the summer heat begins to settle in.

Take advantage of improved window insulation, low-emission coatings and advanced frame technology to ensure you can keep comfortable during summer and give your air conditioning unit a break. Windows such as awning windows or casement windows can further improve the weathertightness of your replacement windows. 

Energy Cost Savings

This leads directly to the second reason: Energy efficiency. New, upgraded replacement windows can directly impact your utility expenses. Older windows can significantly contribute to energy loss through air leakage and poor insulation, making your heating and cooling systems work overtime. Winter can be an excellent test for your windows to see if any uncomfortable drafts indicate issues with your windows.

Make the most of double and triple glazing, low-E coatings and improved window frame insulation to keep your utility bills down.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows in Spring

Less Busy Season for Installation

Time is always an issue, especially in today’s world, where everybody is always in a hurry. Spring is a transitional period for home improvement professionals compared to summer and fall peak seasons. With winter’s cold and adverse weather out of the way, replacing windows during spring can bring several advantages. Contractors may be more readily available and give you more flexibility with scheduling as well. You might get your intended time more easily, and they can also dedicate more time and attention to your window replacement, making the whole project shorter.

Additionally, by getting the window installation out of the way during spring, you can enjoy the benefits before the summer heat hits and take full advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

Expansion and Contracting Considerations

Extreme temperatures can severely affect the performance and quality of window installations. Windows contract during winter and expand during summer, increasing the risk of seals breaking when the extreme temperatures go away. Spring has the perfect balance, which also affects the caulking. During winter, it can turn hard and crack, and during summer, it might not properly cure. While fall has the right temperatures, it often also brings more rain, making spring the best time for perfect caulk seals as well. 

Minimal Impact on Indoor Temperature During Replacement

When replacing windows, the installers must remove the whole window, meaning air can enter your home unobstructed. As temperatures rise during spring, you can ensure that the air entering your home will not throw off your comfort by allowing freezing or sweltering air inside. This enables you to avoid excessive heating or cooling bills to compensate for the open windows.

6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows in Spring

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Summer is also the peak season for home sales as school holidays are convenient times to move house. If you plan to sell your home, new windows can significantly boost your home’s resale value and make a difference in a competitive housing market. Going for window replacement in spring can prepare you to be in the best position once the time to sell comes around.

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