The Ultimate Guide to Soundproof Replacement Windows

Your home is your safe haven from the hectic outside world. But, your peace can be short-lived, thanks to the increasing noise pollution in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

The good news is that GTA residents don’t have to put up with irritating outdoor noise anymore. As most of the noise we hear enters through the windows, Toronto window suppliers, such as Eco Choice, offer soundproof replacement windows as the ideal solution to your noise problems.

What are soundproof replacement windows?

To be classified as “soundproof”, a window should rate between 45 and 55 on the sound transmission class (STC) scale.

A normal window usually has an STC of 18 to 38 and blocks around 15% to 50% of the outside noise. On the other hand, a soundproof window with more than 45 STC can block around 75% to 95% of unwanted sounds from entering your home.

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How do soundproof replacement windows block noise?

To intensify a window’s ability to reduce outdoor noise and increase its STC rating, the following additional barriers are added to the window to make it soundproof.

Extra thickness: More the mass a window has, less the noise you will hear. A thick window pane works better at blocking sound than its thin counterpart.
Additional space between the glass panes: Broader gaps between multiple glass panes can provide better protection against unwanted sound. Insulating the gap with gases can further reduce noise.
Lamination: Sandwiching a laminated plastic screen between the sheets of glass can cause the sound to diverge better, reducing noise pollution without compromising clarity.

Choosing the right soundproof window replacement

1. Double pane soundproof window replacements

Double pane soundproof windows are made using two panes of glass, separated by a layer of insulator that retards outdoor sound and creates additional insulation.
They are the most convenient and pocket-friendly soundproof window replacement solutions for residential homes.

2. Triple pane soundproof window replacements

Three panes with two layers of gas in between make a triple pane soundproof window. The expectation is that triple pane windows are better at soundproofing. However, studies have shown that triple pane windows are not any better than double pane soundproof windows.

3. Laminated window replacements

Laminated glass windows consist of two layers of glass panes with a layer of plastic sandwiched in between. This creates an additional obstacle for noise and sounds to enter through the window. In addition, the plastic is transparent and doesn’t affect the clarity or visibility of the glass.

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The cost of getting a soundproof window replacement in Toronto

Soundproof window replacements cost can be a little expensive, costing you anywhere between $300 to over $5000.

The actual cost depends on the type of soundproof replacement window treatment you choose. Double pane soundproof window prices can start from around $250-$300 CAD. Triple pane soundproof windows can cost you between $400 CAD to $600 CAD. Laminated soundproof windows can go up to $950 CAD per window.

Replacing your existing windows with soundproof ones not only reduces the outdoor noise but also enhances security, insulation and energy efficiency of the windows. Find a reliable window replacement installation service in Toronto to install new soundproof windows in your home.